Karbun: The Sixth, the Base, the Diamond.

I don’t know what to get my girl for Christmas



So you still have no idea what to get your girl for the Holidays, you love her all too well and it makes you crazy just thinking about the perfect gift to give her but you’re running out of time. Well, we’re all entitled to a week of procrastination on Christmas shopping anyway, but if it’s of any help, here are a few ideas on what might land you a kiss under that sneaky mistletoe.

1. Girls appreciate even the littlest gestures you do for them. By now you’d be too familiar with what makes them giddy to the core and that should be enough to let you know that the season of giving isn’t about shiny and expensive things – although, some girls would love those. However, try making her a gift. Anyone can do it. The time and effort spent on the gift would only show her that you care much to contribute to her happiness. Plus you get brownie points for being the sweetie that actually tried!

2. Think about this in all different angles to exactly fit her preferences: favorite animal, bands, authors or artists and etc, any of these could be a clue to a potential gift anytime.

3. Yes you love her, however make sure your wallet will love the cost of buying her something too.  The trick to a very smooth sailing holiday present is to mind the budget for both your benefits. See, a little over budget would make her feel uncomfortable.

– “You might want to get her the world, but she might find it embarrassing.”

4.  Get her something that reflects your common interest. Reinforce the holidays with stronger bonds between you both by making moments and sharing a common interest for both parties. Go watch your favorite movie together, hang out at your chill spot, go to the kitchen and cook maybe? Either way, anything you both love will do the trick.

BUT  in the case of everything else not making the cut, here’s always a way in.

Our labor of love, from us to you and to your girl. It’s like telling her you love her without saying so much.


The Santan Tee is on a Christmas sale! From P 365, to  P 299 for you. Salae runs from December 17, 2013 to December 20, 2013 .

Merry christmas, loverboy.




A state of refinement and cultivation as incorporated into the

exquisite yet forgotten flowers.

Karbun puts a generally common shrub of the tropical

Southeast Asia in focus, the Santan.

[Forgotten. Restored. Cultivated.]

Photographed by Phoebe Espejo



Santan Tee, P365, Karbun (www.fb.com/karbunofficial)



Carbon; The sixth element of the periodic table.


It is the bedrock of every living organism in the planet. You have it on and beneath your skin. Everything that lives and breathes and grows, is built with carbon.


Coal is Carbon, and it keeps a fire burning. It is the lifeblood of this city. It allows the exchange of commodity and growth and nourishment, as well as a catalyst of life. Carbon – It is our story.


Our keen attention to detail, pervasive research, hard work and dedication are our values; but above all, our commitment to stay true to them – is our core value.


Carbon isn’t as glamorous as gold or as solid as steel. It isn’t loud and demanding.  It doesn’t try too hard. But it’s got promise. It’s rough around the edges, but with the right amout of time and pressure,


It’s going to be as stronger and brighter than gold. Hello, and welcome to Karbun. It’s good to have you here.

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